BPM Difference

Many of the issues facing dental practices are actually symptoms of deeper problems. All too often, dentists spend precious money treating the symptoms instead of their underlying cause, only to have the same problems resurface again and again. Don’t get swept up in this vicious cycle – get to the bottom of your trouble and overcome it for good!

Becker Practice Management’s consulting services help you assess and work on any area of your business that’s not performing. Whether it be clinical or administrative systems, marketing, patient service, sluggish revenue, operational expenses or human resources, we help you:

  • Identify the root cause of persistent problems
  • Address the real issues systematically and effectively
  • Manage your practice more efficiently
  • Reduce expenses and increase revenue
  • Grow your practice and profit in the long-term

BPM Difference:

  1. Knowledge
  • We work closely with your team so they can learn from the coaching process as active participants
  • Gain new insights into your practice that clarify persistent problems
  • Obtain the management skills to run a profitable practice
  1. Expertise
  • Benefit from our real life experience and expertise to quickly identity your practice’s unique issues
  • Our consultants dig beneath the surface to identify the source of the issues facing your practice
  • We develop an action plan to define and prioritize improvement areas
  1. Support
  • Rest assured as our consultants coach you and your office management team step-by-step
  • Benefit from our experience as we transfer our knowledge and give you the systems and the tools for your future use
  1. Change Management
  • Helping practices realize the benefits of change


While defining a new business strategy can be a difficult task, managing the human dimension of a change is often even more challenging. How can you help your employees successfully integrate the changes being introduced? Becker Practice Management helps dentists manage the risks and implement the strategies that lead to success in their organizational change projects. Our simple, effective business consulting approach consists of conducting a diagnosis of the situation and assessing, analyzing and developing a change management strategy that addresses the specific challenges you face.

Strategic change – BPM focuses on aligning your team’s behaviors across all levels of your practice’s objectives, with a goal of supporting transformation. Our change management approach begins with coaching your team leaders on how to manage and communicating effectively through change when things might not be “business as usual” for your practice.

Organization and process design – As you roll out organizational shifts, BPM delivers change management strategies that motivate your people, ensuring their alignment to the new structure and building the steps for success.

High performance team development – Customized, action-based techniques generate immediate gains while keeping teams focused on daily work. Diagnostic tools identify your people’s strengths and ways to better work together, often eliminating the risks of common conflicts from occurring.